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STATE OF THE ART offers a residency program for artists/curators/scholars who want to further develop their project together with us.

We invite you to exhibit within or utilize the gallery space in whatever way you like – this can be a presentation of your own work, or a curated show, or some kind of interdisciplinary project such as a lecture series or workshop.

STATE OF THE ART is located in a former office space/gun shop/Turkish cafe in Schöneberg at the border to Kreuzberg and Tiergarten (S-Bahnhof Yorckstrasse).

The length of the residency is from 1 to 3 months (with flexibility). During your stay we invite you to actively engage in the collective process of programming events, fundraising and the overall development of the space.

We are open for applications any time (all disciplines welcome). To find out more, or to schedule a meeting, please contact: