FIN [issage] of STATE OF THE ART + Margaret Haines The Stars Down To Earth, April 29, 8pm


Jordan Blady (USA), Niklas Binzberger (DE), Rachell Clark (AUS), Marco Franco Di Domenico (USA), Valentin Dommanget (FRA), Claude Eigan (FRA), Martha Glenn (USA), Max Grau (DE), Angelina Jesson & Jaron Hill (GB), Stephen Hiam (GB), Lucie McLaughlin (IRE), Justin Ryan Polisky (USA), Maya Rochat (CHE), Tracy-Jeanne Rosenthal (USA), Chloe Royer (FRA), Eleanor Strong (GB), Dennis Rudolph (DE), Andrew Wyatt (GB)

“The catch-all name of State of the Art is misleading. It appears to simply describe a factual situation, a state of affairs, the affairs of art more specifically. But let’s not be deceived. Falsely banal, it is actually the name of a multilateral entity that continuously undergoes change. State of the Art first was the name of the artist-run space initiated by Dennis Rudolph in Berlin in 2014, with constantly evolving residents. What is the state of art in this space in Berlin’s Schöneberg district? Its state certainly never solidifies but remains in constant movement, in a liquid or even gaseous state. “Today, artistic endeavours have taken on more neoliberal, project-like forms,” they explain. According to these artists, the classic format of exhibitions insufficiently reflects a world that is in a constant state of flux and convulses with frenzied hyperpresence. In this world, the artists themselves must be ceaselessly in motion, circulating from one biennale to another, from residency to residency, connecting the dots of the vast global artistic network that stretches from Berlin to Mexico, Paris to Los Angeles, which places the classic studio practices of the previous century alongside remnants from the past.”  – Ingrid Luquet-Gad

Margaret Haines – The Stars Down To Earth, video, 2016

starring Henry Hopper & Afia Fields, Tashi Condelee, Cynthia MacAdams, Jack Taub, Paola Revenioti, John Sweet,
Veronica Monae, Silvia Romero, Doug Lee, James Raymond.

The Stars Down To Earth draws on various sources from Hollywood thriller to Susan Miller to Chelsea Manning’s letters and reimagines the tragic tale of Apollo and the mythological prophetess Cassandra. Reincarnated in modern day Los Angeles, Apollo and Cassandra, whose divinations are doomed by Apollo to be heard yet never believed, endlessly roam through urban sprawl as a chorus of astrologers from the Carroll Righter Astrological Foundation prophecy actual events for 2015 and 2016.

watch trailer here:

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