Martha Glenn – LIMINAL EMBRACE – May 7, 7pm

LIMINAL EMBRACE is an installation designed as an occupation of space and time. The installation explores what it feels like to be betwixt and between- neither here nor there. So where?

Martha Glenn will present 3 single-channel video projections accompanied by various objects, both hand made and ready made, exploring the surreal, the liminal and the warm embrace of potential felt on the threshold(s).

In the liminal, a space at once uniting and separating departure and destination, transformation is inevitable. The infinite realm of possibility, often concealed by stability, can be glimpsed within the interstices of structure. Between the foundation and the edifice – the womb and the world – subtle transfigurations take place. Self-awareness and spatial “where-ness” become at the same time felt and obscured.




The installation aims to initiate dialogue and create a space to engage place-identity. With the use of both digital and physical media, the experience seeks to question how we use locale to define ourselves and how we can go beyond the corporeal to investigate the space between. How can a physical experience be transmuted into a surreal notion? What does it feel like?


Martha is a video and installation artist from the the States currently based in Berlin.

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