Max Grau – Any question, any answer leads into an ever branching network of possibilities – Feb 17, 7pm

And then I was in the middle of the desert and kept walking straight ahead, looking for some kind of bunker I had read about and the car was out of sight and somehow it wasn’t clear at all, what this is all about.

I spent 5 months in Los Angeles, working on a film about UFO’s. At some point it started to get weird because… I’m not quite sure. In a strange way the desert is already a film by itself and then you’re in the midst of it, a body in a terrain, that is so very much the surface of the earth and of course you have seen this a million times, in the movies and on TV and you have read books and listened to songs, and somehow certainty just falls apart. Certainty of how stuff relates to each another. Narration and experience and image and text and how to take all this in and if you’re supposed to at all.

Some people in the UFO-community identify as ›experiencers‹ and this is where it gets wild, because it’s not clear at all what potential experience they might have had. The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) developed a 30 question survey, trying to stabilize this liminal state of uncertainty people find themselves in. There’s no getting things straight. Somehow that’s the whole point to the UFO. That it’s incomprehensible. Because it is so very discrete. And so very different from every self and every thing that is to encounter. But it does resonate with other stuff that’s hard to understand, like capitalism and the internet and minimal art for example. I’m not really sure if that film gets finished at some point. For now images and talking seemed more urgent. More adequate. Like they say on the train: ›See something say something‹

Opening: Feb. 17, 7pm
Lecture-Performance (in German): Feb. 17, 8pm

[Photo: The Center For Land Use Interpretation,]

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