BRITS ABROAD – Feb 19, 7pm

STATE OF THE ART is happy to announce its liberation by six young British artists from Central St. Martins School of Art and Design.

At 7pm on February 19th, In a display of cross media works ranging from live Skype poetry from London, performances, video installation, feminist comic books, a concert, lots of selfies and a final party, these artists embody the future. They deal with the overwhelming amount of future possibilities that make up our present cultural excess.

By paying tribute to the precarious living situation of artists in London, they will all come to Berlin on the cheapest flight and make camp inside STATE OF THE ART. The whole exhibition will be contained within their suitcases.


Andrew Wyatt
Jaron Hill & Angelina Jesson
Harriet Scott
Eleanor Strong with Eli Stevik & Felix Ritz
Lucie McLaughlin

Performances start at 8pm.

DJ sets from 10pm:


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