TARREN JOHNSON/ MIRA O’BRIEN – “if-then-else” – July 3 & 4, 6pm

STATE OF THE ART is pleased to present the first collaboration between choreographer Tarren Johnson and visual artist Mira O’Brien.

“if-then-else” combines the human voice, movement and glass panels in a constantly shifting configuration, rearranged according to the unseen rules of an algorithm. Working backwards from a set of physical limitations and constraints, an algorithm was developed to spew out commands and trigger action.  Vocalists and bodies work to accomplish the configurations, running up against obstacles or impossibilities when trying to actualize the score.

The glass panels form a shifting architecture, inhabited by a lone actor who is the only element operating outside the score. She explores possibilities for movement within the shifting spaces, an architecture that both limits and responds to her movement. “if-then-else” sets out to test the invisible entanglements between a computative language and physical bodies, voices and materials.

“if-then-else” was developed during a 3 week residency at state of the art and continues to be an ongoing project. Each performance is a unique reconfiguration of the elements at play, with an unlimited number of possible outcomes – ever in progress and ever complete.

Exhibition hours 6-10pm, performance starts at 8pm.

July 3 & 4

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