JUSTIN RYAN POLISKY – lectures discussions dinner parties dance parties workshops concerts – ENERGY LAB – June 1 to June 30

STATE OF THE ART is pleased to welcome new artist in residence Justin Ryan Polisky, Los Angeles/ Flint.

Since 2013 Justin has split his time between Los Angeles, California and Flint, Michigan – both of which are extreme examples of post-industrial societies. Flint is the birthplace of both Justin and the automotive giant General Motors. Though once a thriving incubator of innovation, deindustrialization and depopulation have led to a major collapse within the city.

Flint has experienced the nation’s highest violent crime rate, highest arson rate, and is continually referred to as the worst city in America. Despite Flint’s often-dystopian identity, it has recently attracted interest from around the world. In order to avoid complete collapse, the city and its residents have been forced to rethink both energy production and energy consumption.

Artist groups have acquired entire city blocks in order to build experimental communities dealing with energy re-approach. Through the city’s despair, new alternate social structures now seem more attainable. Justin regularly contributes to several of the cities current community-building initiatives while actively documenting the cities rapidly changing social and geological landscape.

As a part of this ongoing project, Justin will turn STATE OF THE ART into a one month long participatory ENERGY LAB. He will be hosting lectures, discussions, dinner parties, dance parties, design workshops, concerts, video screenings and more, exploring our relation towards work, play and life.

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