FRAGMENTS: A Collective Archive of Textual Trouvailles (ongoing)

fragments_06STATE OF THE ART cordially invites you to contribute to “Fragments”.

Within the tissue of literary texts there are usually certain passages in which an atmosphere, an image – or just an indefinable ‘je ne sais quoi’ – peculiarly culminates. These are passages that keep echoing in our minds, even though we usually fail to recall the words that initially made such an impression on us. Even as fragments singled out from the overall context of the book, these passages keep an evocative potential – and may develop an afterlife of unforeseeable appropriations and rereadings.

“Fragments” essentially relies on YOUR participation!

Participation works as follows:
Open a book you hold dear.
Find the one special paragraph you want to contribute.
Take, for example, a snap shot of it (no bibliographical details required).
Post it on our facebook site or send it to

The fragments you send us will lead up to a collective archive of textual trouvailles, which is the first stage of a creative process that will result in an event, taking place in June 2015 at State of the Art Berlin.

Yours sincerely,

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