NEW MOON NEW YOU NEW CENTURY – 22nd Century Realty closing night – Jan 24, 8pm


Come join us this Saturday, January 24! We will conduct the closing ritual for the 22nd Century Realty offices at STATE OF THE ART, cleanse this space and exorcise the demons.

A note from Marco Franco Di Domenico: “My time here has ended but this is only the beginning of so much more. Come take part in our closing this Saturday. It is astrally preordained to be a magical night and with a new moon this week it is the perfect time to take a new road and be reborn, as well as make bold new investments in the future. There is so much fear in the air, as always, when Mercury turns retrograde but many forget that this is a much-needed time of contemplation and completion. We must finish what we have started. The days are getting longer; a bright new spring approaches. This neighborhood is destined for new developments and growth. Come find your fate. Come celebrate and sign contracts.”

There will also be music, drinks and performances featuring Viviana Druga & Danilo Andres Sepulveda Cofre (“Ungeheuer”).

Viviana Druga is a Berlin-based artist who is investigating the personal, poetic side of performing, the new dimensions of reality and capturing that reality through photography – using art as a magical activity that can help the subject / audience discover new dimensions of oneself.

Danilo Andres Sepulveda Cofre is a professional dancer and choreographer. He is currently working as a visual artist, performer and choreographer of their own pieces and in cooperation with some other choreographers from Chile and different nations.

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