22nd CENTURY REALTY offers private experiences – until Jan 23

Are you living in the right space? Do you feel spiritually fulfilled? Are you being disrupted by the changes that are happening to Berlin? If any of these questions resonate with you then 22nd Century Realty can help! Marco Franco Di Domenico will ask about your current living experience in order to give his best advice for your spiritual well being moving forward. Marco’s expertise lies in certain markets in Los Angeles and Detroit. He can tell you where you fit in amongst the starving artists and hip yuppies in many hot neighborhoods!

Having launched the Berlin branch of 22nd Century Realty on January 7th, Marco will be available for private experiences until January 23rd. A private experience includes an office tour and free consultation that should reveal more about the inner workings of 22nd Century Realty.

The Berlin office of 22nd Century Realty is open from 12am to 5pm, Monday through Saturday. To book a private experience, email: Onethesedays@gmail.com

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