THE CALIFORNIA SUN by Eliot Eidelman – european release concert – Oct 29, 8pm

california sun

Eliot Eidelman (California/Atlanta), current artist-in-residence at STATE OF THE ART, will perform two sets of songs from his new album and spin psych-folk-rock LPs from the house collection.

THE CALIFORNIA SUN download codes and CDs will be for sale. We welcome you to join us for an intimate, analog evening of music and splendor. Admission is free.

“Careful, intense, cheeky, ramblin’, vulnerable, intricate album from an old friend.” – Isidore Bethel, Paris. “Captures the spirit of the Mojave Desert through the subjective experience of a single soul humming between sand and sky, all those colors and motions. It’s transcendent and honest and very American.” – Susanna Battin, Artfarm, Nebraska.

Watch “42” and “Y’allelujah” from THE CALIFORNIA SUN on Vimeo

Watch the second set of THE CALIFORNIA SUN on Vimeo

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