ANTHROPOCENE UMBRELLA by Albert Samreth – performance – Sep 25, 8pm


As part of the event series “California Screening”, STATE OF THE ART presents a performance by Albert Samreth (Los Angeles).

Albert Samreth „Anthropocene Umbrella“ (2014): According to the official account of the US government, after killing Osama […] his body was dumped into the Ocean to prevent any site from becoming a place of worship. Instead, one can imagine that his remains would decompose and eventually disintegrate into the international waters, eventually washing upon the shores in a million tiny pieces all over the earth.

In death as in life, his presence will be everywhere and nowhere. Bin Laden’s strange execution and even stranger biography is an example of a strategy that can be determined as popular defense and ecological struggle, or umbrellas of resistance in the age of the anthroprocene…

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