THIS IS THE ENDD by Tracy Jeanne Rosenthal – SUNSHINISM by Arjuna Neuman – performances – July 24, 8pm


As part of the event series “California Screening”, STATE OF THE ART presents performances by Tracy Jeanne Rosenthal (Los Angeles) and Arjuna Neuman (Los Angeles/ Beirut).

Arjuna Neuman “Sunshinism”: I describe the contours of a new religion, one where technology is the thing that is worshipped…

Tracy Jeanne Rosenthal “This is the ENDD”: My performance is in the shape of a power point presentation and a new advertising campaign that also reviews the gendered history of cigarette advertising. it imagines how we might update a strategy for the technological age – making consumers believe that e-cigarettes will allow them to possess technology’s cock.